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Storage Beds: Your Complete Guide to Choosing a Luxury Bed

by Vanhishikha Bhargava 01 Sep 2021 4 Comments

Do you know that as per popular studies, we spend a third of our lives sleeping? While we are at it, let’s do it the best way and invest in a bed that adds comfort and charm in equal measures. It should take your bedroom decor up by notches. We are now looking at beds that are comfortable as well as aesthetically pleasing. But, it is only when you start using the bed is when you realise there is one other factor you should have taken into consideration.

We are talking about storage. 

As living is becoming more compact and clever storage solutions are the way to be, storage luxury beds is the new thing that you should invest in. Let’s walk you through the whys and hows of it in this blog.

how to choose a storage bed

Luxury storage beds and choosing the right one

Storage beds are not exactly new. We all have seen boxed setty-cum-beds that served as secondary storage places and also as an extra lounging space whenever guests came over. However, now is the time to incorporate it in primary bedroom decor.

What are storage beds?

To put it in simple terms, storage beds are simply beds with an added advantage of storage. That means the hollow or filled space that would otherwise have been between the surface of the bed and its bottom is utilised as a box where all your stuff can go. 

Add an element of luxury decor to it, and you have storage beds that not only serve the purpose of comfort and storage, but also add an aesthetic to your overall bedroom decor.

Storage beds are important in today’s times of compact living when homes are becoming smaller yet the yearning for space is more. While you cannot expand an existing small space, you surely can use it intelligently to create an illusion of a larger corner. This includes using multipurpose decor items such as luxury storage beds, clever use of mirrors, etc.

But depending on your choice and other factors, you have to also figure out which type of storage you want. And on that basis, you choose your storage bed.

Types of luxury storage beds

It is important to know and identify which is the type of storage bed you want. This depends on the things you wish to store and the size of the bed that you want which depends on the size of your room. 

There are basically three types of storage beds available. 

Box storage beds

This is the most common form of storage beds. Mostly, the storage is divided into two sections with one panel dividing the internal storage into two halves. The surface above that forms your bed is divided into four sections that you can access from each side; top-left, top-right, bottom-left and bottom-right. 

You can access each of these sections by holding the mattress and cover of the section you wish to use at that time.

Hydraulic storage beds

Hydraulic beds are quite similar to box storage beds, but a little different. While the upper surface of box storage beds is divided into four sections for easy access, in the case of hydraulic storage, there is an easy hydraulic mechanism that opens the entire surface instead of different sections. 

This is more convenient than the box storage, especially for those who want to peruse the entire storage space rather than each section separately. Also, box storage is mostly manual while hydraulic storage is a mechanism. Hence, less effort required when working with it.

Pullout storage beds

This is one of the easiest storage methods. A pullout luxury storage refers to large drawers that are created within the storage space and can be pulled out from the sides when you wish to store or take out anything. 

However, it is limited in the sense that drawers cannot store items above a certain size and are compartmentalised. If you wish to have an easy and accessible storage system and do not have heavy items to store, this is a great option.

You also need to keep in mind the area available for you to pull the drawer out. 

wooden storage bed pullout storage

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Choosing the right storage bed can be a little hectic. It might even be a little heavier on your pocket, but making the right choice in one go will last you long.

After all, it is a furniture piece that serves as both a piece of comfort and storage and helps you utilise space in a better and more clever manner. 

But there are a few other factors to consider.

Factors to consider while choosing a luxury storage bed

A good bed should serve both storage and comfort purposes. For that, you have to carefully consider a few things: 


Most people think leather when it comes to upholstery and even bed and sofa surfaces. Yes, leather is a great luxury option, but it also requires a lot of maintenance. A leather bed would entail a constant cost. A good material is one that stands the test of time with minimum maintenance. Especially in the case of a large piece of furniture such as a bed, which is an investment. 

The best bet for a storage bed would be wood. This is also great for storage purposes as wood is sturdy and easy to repair, clean, etc. There are various options available such as mango wood, sheesham wood, etc when you buy a storage bed from brands like Fabuliv.

different materials for storage beds

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Yes, you are looking for storage. But that doesn’t counter the fact that the primary purpose of your bed is to lounge and sleep. Hence, the size and height of the bed matter a lot. Assess the number of people who would be using the bed and look for a bed accordingly.

You should also take a look at the size of the bedroom and figure out how much space you need around the bed for adequate movement and to place other pieces of furniture.


Consider luxury storage beds as a one-time investment. These are your beds plus a storage mechanism that would last you decades. Add a bedside table to the equation and consider how much would you like to spend and what is the margin you’d like to keep to pay more for the better material and functionality that you are getting. 

Do not go for cheap material to save a few hundreds. Do your research and pick a bed that meets all the requirements and meets the highest quality standards. It is better to spend today rather than having recurring and increasing maintenance costs, or worse, picking up a new bed soon after the current one. 

Think this through and evaluate the options available to you.


While usual beds come with the risk of wear and tear, storage beds come with an extra likelihood of damage to mechanisms, etc. In that case, you need servicing that is best when provided by the brand from where you have purchased the product.

To ensure that you get timely service at the right cost, it is important to look at the warranty aspect while purchasing your luxury bed.


A storage bed is more of a utility choice than a luxury one. However, there is no harm in picking one that meets your aesthetic requirements as well.

For example, if you are looking for a neutral look, a bed with wooden finish and minimal motifs would fit in perfectly with the rest of the decor and bedroom theme.

Bonus - Bedside table

Not something that may have popped into your mind, isn’t it? Bedside table is not something someone instantly thinks of. And yet, it is important and something that you would eventually want. 

Certainly, you would not want one that doesn’t match with your bed. Hence, it is important that you pick a bed and bedside table combo, or at least have this in mind that you wish to purchase a bedside table so there should be matching and complimenting designs available.

Also make sure that the height of the bedside table is slightly higher or at the same level as the storage bed you pick. 

wooden bedside tables


A few parting tips

Just like every other piece of decor, luxury storage beds also require certain maintenance. Here are a few tips that should come in handy:

  • Make sure you regularly oil the mechanisms, so that the storage mediums do not get stuck
  • If you are using a wooden storage bed, get it polished at regular intervals to maintain the shine
  • Ensure the usage of pest and termite repellents in the case of wooden beds
  • Always organize the stuff you put into your storage beds in a manner that they can be closed properly 
  • Make sure you do not store corrosive items in your storage beds

If you invest in a good storage bed and maintain it with care, there is no reason why it should not last you a lifetime.

Pick a storage bed that is sustainable

Luxury storage beds come in expensive, we’ll not deny that. That also means you should invest in brands that are known and provide you with warranty and customer care, whenever you need it. 

Another factor to consider is sustainability. 

Since this is a one-time investment in your home decor, consider picking a brand and material that is ethical and eco-friendly in nature for your storage beds. Reason being, the materials used are less toxic and you’d be doing the planet a huge favour by not encouraging use of non-recyclable materials. 

Plus point - the material used to make these storage beds is way more durable too.

Enter, Fabuliv

At Fabuliv, we use the best materials to create storage beds that last a lifetime. Our beds can be customised as per the storage of your choice and also come with bedside tables that match the decor. 

Apart from the sustainability, the upside is that you truly get a unique piece as each bed/decor piece is handcrafted separately by our artisans rather than machine-produced. So when you create your home, you get a bed that is truly made for you.

Invest in a sustainable luxury storage bed today. For more deals and decor tips, follow us on Instagram.

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