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Bespoke Affairs: Dravidian Art on Handcrafted Wooden Furniture

03 Sep 2021 2 Comments

Architecture across the world is steeped in culture and India is no different. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, as cliche as it may sound, Indian architecture is a delightful amalgamation of all the ruling stages it has witnessed, and is a humble homage to the most ancient sculptures and art.

One such form of art is the Dravidian architecture. Also known as the South Indian Temple Architecture, Dravidian architecture has been majorly used in the Southern part of the nation. It reached its complete form in the 16th century. Over the years, the cultural impact and beauty of the style has reached homes as well. With handcrafted furniture and vintage decor taking a space in our homes, Dravidian architecture has also become a prominent part of it.

If you are fond of cultural anecdotes and want to transform your home in a manner that is an ode to the rich heritage of the nation, including Dravidian architecture and such pieces of decor seems like a good place to start. And in this article, we are going to tell you exactly how.

But before we take a look at the handcrafted furniture inspired from the art, let’s first peek a bit into the history and evolution of Dravidian architecture.

dravidian art on wooden furniture

What is Dravidian architecture?

This form of architecture is more prominent in the Southern temples. The main difference that one notes, while comparing Dravidian architecture to its Northern temple counterparts, is the length of the tower covering the garbh-griha or the ‘womb chamber’ of the temple.

The Northern temples have tall, inward-bending towers that are known as the shikaras, whereas the Southern temples have shorter and pyramidical towers that are known as the vimanas.

The art of Dravidian architecture stems from the ancient book of Vastu Shastra, and most of the structures and temples inspired from the technique can be found in the Southern states of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Kerala, and Karnataka.

Dravidian architecture, again, evolved with the various empires that ruled the states. From the Chelas and Cholas to the Pallavas and the Pandyas, everyone has contributed something to the magnificent architectural phenomenon.

So, how did this ancient art become a part of the handcrafted furniture and decor of today? Can say that we adapted the beautiful motifs and made the style functional. It was art and utility combined into one, and now, you can even make it a part of your home.

Infusing Dravidian architecture into handcrafted furniture for your home

How do you start? Where do you look? We know you have multiple questions. After all, it’s the art that you were simply in awe of, on your visit to the beautiful temples. And now you have a chance to create your own memento as you add it to your decor.

The key is to pick the practical pieces.

You can’t have the entire Dravidian architecture of a temple in your home. But, what you can have, are the motifs and mini handcrafted styles added to your furniture. Picking handcrafted furniture is a good choice here because you can customize the style, at the same time retaining the authenticity of the art.

Here are a few suggestions that we have.

Let’s start with your entrance

Our foyer is a space that can make or break the first impression. Yet, we don’t pay much attention to it. No more, entrance decor is the new thing and you should overhaul the space if you can.

Let’s start with a storage space. It’s the mid and post-pandemic world wherein our entrance needs to equipped with all the sanitizing tools. We need our masks and sanitizers handy, at the same time space enough to store our everyday footwear, wallets and keys. 

A wholesome space that is high on utility. But, what if we add a touch of Dravidian art and motifs to it? If you are going for an ancient, heritage look, starting with your entryway is a good idea.

For instance, this Dravidian Hand Carved Solid Wood Cabinet is a perfect handcrafted furniture piece for your entryway. The smooth upper surface is spacious and wide enough to keep a bowl where all the keys and coins go, and it can also house an organizer where you can hang your masks.

The shelves are roomy and separated so that your footwear goes in and comes out without any hassle. Or any other thing that you may want to store. And topping it off is the Dravidian motifs handcarved by our artisans on the doors. The design is so authentic that it reflects the true culture and history of the art. The Sheesham wood built is made to last, with the history peeking out the Dravidian way.

dravidian art - wooden handcrafted chest of drawers

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What about the study?

Work from home is the new norm. Again, the pandemic has made us rethink the way we work. Not only do we not have an office for quite some time, we also have to figure out how to create a comfortable work space at home, a corner where we can work undisturbed and unperturbed.

You can’t work from your bed with makeshift desks forever. Especially when you know you would be working remotely for a foreseeable future. And that’s why, a study or work corner is essential.

And you can add a touch of Dravidian architecture to it by picking handcrafted pieces that are authentic when it comes to creating the art.

For instance, take a look at this Dravidian Hand Carved Study Table and Chair combo. The built is made of solid sheesham wood that ensures durability and aesthetics.

Further, our skilled artisans ensure that they hand-paint and handcraft the best of Dravidian art to bring the wonder of your travels to your art, and straight into your heart. The surface and expanse of the table is perfect to house your workstation and coffee mugs, along with a few decors.

The drawers can house your everyday work essentials. Pair it up with our chair to complete the combo and create a comfortable work space at home, with a touch of Dravidian art.

handcrafted wooden study table with drawers

Moving towards the bedroom

Your bedroom is your comfort space. It is that part of your home where you wish to park yourself at the end of the day, whether a tiring one or a good one. This is also the space that witnesses your deepest and most vulnerable moments. Of course, you’d want the decor to be just as warm and the vibe a reflection of your personality.

Let’s start with bed. If you are going for the Dravidian style, we’d recommend picking not just the design but also the material. You need your bed to be comfortable and also to last a long time. It is an investment.

Take a look at our Dravidian Solid Wood Hand Carved Bed. Yes, it is handcrafted furniture that our artisans have created just for you. Each stroke of Dravidian art comes from them. The mango wood is a sustainable and strong choice which not only looks good but makes sure your bed lasts a long time.

hand carved wooden bed

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But, does the bedroom only consist of the bed? If you wish to enhance your Dravidian architecture look and also add a few functional pieces to your bedroom decor, we have a few options.

This Dravidian Hand Carved Bedside Table is a perfect companion for the mango wood bed that we suggested above. The best part of this bed and side table combo is that each balances out the Dravidian art, without overwhelming your decor with excess art. This table is also made of mango wood and has a smooth expanse top to house your favorite table lamp, with drawers for your essentials.

wooden bedside table

Your bedroom is also the place where you get ready, if you do not have a seperate dressing room. That means that it will also require a full-fledged cabinet or cupboard that houses all your clothes and other dressing requirements.

For instance, something like this Dravidian Hand Carved Solid Wood 2 Door Wardrobe. Carved out of satiny Sheesham wood, this is a great option if you wish to add a touch of Dravidian art to your decor.

handcrafted wooden wardrobe

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Bonus tip: We’d suggest you do not cram your space with a little too much of the art. Try combining products that complement each other rather than being in-the-face. If you like the bed and bedside table, go for a simpler wardrobe. You can also get the wardrobe and bedside table and go for a bed with simpler design. The key is to create a balance.

Bring the magic of Dravidian art with handcrafted furniture

Rich and authentic, cultures have their own stories to tell. Add the magic of bespoke handcrafted furniture, and the artisans of India bring their own unique craft to it.

That’s what we strive to give you with our wide range of handcrafted furniture, with pieces of Dravidian art that are created from the artisans who know how to add their own distinctive touch to it.

And to add to it, we use the most sustainable materials to create each piece, that is crafted just for you when you place the order. With each purchase, you are contributing to a better, greener planet.

It’s time to transform the way you decorate your abode. Combine culture and contemporary with sustainability. Join the Fabuliv family.

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