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Ethical And Sustainable Home Decor: Alter Living With A Greener Lifestyle

by Abhishek Jha 22 Dec 2018 0 Comments

It is beautiful to create home with people we love, and more so with things that spell thoughtful craftsmanship. And craftsmanship does not always have to come with a price tag.

While many brands are pioneering to steer away from the usual decor ideas inspired by the big interior showrooms; there are some which employ homemade artisans to create inspired and expertly designed goods. From ethical sourcing to production and quality check, these little-known brands are changing the way we look at decor pieces. As each of these companies are committed to ethical sourcing and production of quality decor pieces, you can be assured of their durability.

You know what else is an add-on with these artisan-made products?

The fact that these are sustainable home decor items which go a long way in terms of their eco-friendliness, thus reducing the owner’s carbon footprint. The lesser known aspect of furnishings and interiors are the wastage they contribute to, but in today’s age, more and more brands are springing up which take the sustainable decor lifestyle seriously.

As homeowners get conscious regarding giving back to Mother Earth, these brands are parallelly supporting homeowners in their decision by creating pieces which are sustainable and ethical.

In today’s modern age of smart living, a lot of people think it is difficult to go the sustainable way with their home decor. But, we want to break this myth, as ethical production is just step one to artisan-made handcrafted products. Each and every handmade product is curated to the owner’s liking and is unique from every second product, unlike machine made products which contribute to a lot of material waste and replication of the products.

Even Hollywood stars today, are turning to this new trend of vegan homes. Rather than just satiating their bodies with a vegan palette, they also are running firmly on their choice of vegan home decor which means using ethically sourced vegan decor- avoiding any form of animal cruelty whether in terms of wool and leather.

Most celebrities have today realized that there is a need to bring compassion to homes, and not only to plates and these ethical choices extend beyond the dinner table; rather to the entire house.

Ethical labor standards and sustainable practices contribute greatly to Fabuliv’s production process, with the artisan in the middle of this circle. Every handcrafted product ensures minimum wastage and an eco-friendly process of creation which is not only unique but also green. While the hand does the job of creating, advances in product manufacturing is also doing the magic to be sustainable in the longer run.

We believe, green is gorgeous and having a garden is not the only sustainable living you can choose. Decor items, furnishing, remodeling the house using green methods are some other ways to also ensure eco-consciousness. Fabuliv aims to be not only vintage and unique decor brand but also resorts to being the face of eco-friendly decor. Whether it is the woven wire baskets or the wooden crates as also trinket boxes and metal lanterns, we keep it as close to earthly resources. As we have a team of artisans who are employed to handcraft each of these products, our decor pieces are made with care and compassion with hands and handpainted to give it a natural feel. Our terracotta vases and antique jugs are bespoke designs, made to suit our client’s home desires.

Recycling and upcycling decor is an important aspect to ensure a sustainable living, and reduce one’s carbon footprint. Most of the decor pieces made up of wood, terracotta, and mud can go back to where they come from and that is essential to give back to the planet.

Rather than just dumping waste, it is essential to make this thought-based approach while doing up a home, as to how much of the interior usage includes non-recyclable or upcyclable items. In today’s times, when we are constantly on the move or redecorating and renovating our houses, even our interiors should work in the favor.

Hence, to invest in products which are sustainable in the long run can help the owner and nature. Cleaner living ensures a healthy lifestyle, and while most of us have forgotten an important component of home gardens, there are ways to alter. Cramped up spaces and smaller living rooms have left little choice for homeowners to create a separate garden space, however, it is not necessary to build a separate one.

Rather, bringing the garden into the house is also a good option, especially if you’re living in Mumbai or NCR regions where high rise buildings don’t support having a garden space. However, the technique is to give way to plants in your living space, and while it ensures a breath of fresh air, it also adds to the personality of the home.

A small balcony can also be easily converted into a garden with wall hanging vases like our Fabuliv handpainted hanging vases which hardly take up space and rather adorn the walls with some greens. These vases work the same way bonsai does and makes the balcony look good too without putting in a lot of effort.

Even vases that look like pots can be included in the living room or the passageway leading to the bedrooms in order to add that pop of greens.

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In fact, why just pots and vases? How about those country style crates?

Buy here

Another great way to ensure green decor is by investing in wooden furniture over steel or metal which can be reused for any other kind of furniture you’d later want to create - also means less wastage compared to the latter. For instance, using a wooden dining table, or coiled baskets and table mats which are of cloth rather than using a plastic one can be a great alternative to a sustainable lifestyle.

Not all secondhand products make for a bad deal, rather if bought wisely, it can rather call for a good purchase. Flea and vintage markets, or going for vintage jars or wall hangings in case you do not want to go for a big second-hand product is also a great choice for a smart living; as you are not using up materials to make decor from scratch. Instead, it’s working like a pass the buck, which adorns your house and even costs lesser compared to what you would have to shell to buy if it were brand new. Also, vintage furniture when worn out looks even better like our vintage cutlery stand among other such pieces.

While there are a lot of big brands putting up hoardings of sustainable decor and ethical means of production, there’s little you can do but believe their words.

However, with decor brands like us which do not quantify in larger showrooms, we keep most things transparent for our customers. Our backbone is our team of artisans as much as it is our clientele and we are dedicated to ensuring a good happy working ecosystem balance. Our offerings of home goods are crafted to suit your needs and hence, are multipurpose apart from the ‘good look’ factor.

Colors play a major role in interior decor, and to ensure little or no use of chemicals and toxins in your living space, we invest in a color house with no organic compounds that smell toxic fumes or chemical solvents. The use of nature is what our products are best reflective of, and that’s how we decide to fill up your homes too while you bring in a Fabuliv decor item into your house.

This also runs as a community-driven effort to bring those deprived and lost out of the cocoon. We want to give a name to the lost art and to the forgotten handcraft, as most of us rely on machines. Fabuliv is an effort to bring together the inaccessible raw form of art which the faux leather, rot iron, and natural alternatives have consumed in the interior market.

By shopping for these products, you ensure sustainable living but also help support sustainable employment. These unique products are tied to artisanal traditions and time-honored processes.

While chic furniture is what everyone digs, we love our environmentally conscious customers who take that one step forward to invest in us and our products. The clients who value our artisans’ efforts and mold, in order to take one step back in forming their carbon footprint.

We practice what we preach and hence we believe in fair-trade practices, little contribution to waste, recyclable decor without having to forgo beautiful handmade decor and if you are on the same page, maybe you could go explore this gallery of Fabuliv products to transform your living space and lifestyle!

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