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Interior trends 2019: Inspirations for the new year’s home decor

19 Dec 2018 0 Comments

We are already closing in on this year with less than half a month before we step into 2019. So have we begun looking at the trends for the upcoming year? If you’re talking interior designs and decor, we sure have!

We have been doing our homework so that you don’t have to and while not all 2018 trends have to be dumped, there are some that need a little upgrade or a quick replacement. We’re strong believers of the stories that every home has to share and we’re not asking you to change yours. That’s why we found some ways to keep to change things up for the new year and still let every corner share your very own story.

Interior and decor trends for 2019

Whether it is materials, designs, colors or shades, we look at transitioning your house into a space of your comfort incorporating latest enviable trends - rather than sticking to the usual. We have tried to keep it all experimental, yet classy to your taste.

1. Living coral - literally!

While a number of shades are a part of the palette of the year, but there is one color that is usually overplayed through the year and traces of that color is always reproduced in most houses. The color shade that makes its influence this year is coral. It’s a fresh tint that is closer to orange; lesser of the brighter tint, and more subdued to make your home look sophisticated and muted.

While, a lot of people prefer coloring their walls with the shade of the season, but if coral is little too much and does not sit appropriately with how you plan your home decor; furnishings or decor pieces in with a coral cast are a great add-on. Coral is a versatile hue, which can find a midground with lighter walls and darker interiors too, and a coral centerpiece or a wall hanging will be the right auxiliary of color to your home!

Muted pastels, mustard, lilac gray, and hazelnut are some other colors which are also going to make a run this season and you can experiment by using these colors for the roof or on one wall to make it pop out from the others.

2. Modifiable urban homes

As we progress into the next year, it’s time for maximum utility spaces in compact areas. That is why modifiable urban homes or convertible homes are the need of the year! An easy way to not cramp smaller spaces is to invest in intelligent furniture or smart decor pieces that are easily convertible. The crux is to choose smart furniture that can be multi-purpose and yet saves space.

Simple details can go a long way and one such way is to invest in a vintage looking coffee table that can easily be used as surface and seating; rather than having a big dining table take up a large area, a coffee table is a good idea if you are a small family and for an intimate setting.

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Similarly buying a chest of drawers that easily glides into one corner or can be attached to a wall not only gives a good vibe to the home, but also helps as a closed attic for any mess in case guests decide to drop in.

3. Reduce the carbon footprint with smart interior choices

Sustainable decor is the way forward as climate change becomes the highlighted topic of the year. There is a way to reduce one’s carbon footprint even while decorating your homes. Decor items can be upcycled if made from the reusable products, thereby ensuring little wastage.

In order to keep the aesthetics dynamic, it is necessary to implement eco-friendly methods in decor which local artisans can assure. Most local arts are built using earthen materials which are sustainable and these products are built keeping in mind the environment conscious; contributing to a reduced carbon footprint.

4. The return of the Boho

Boho designs, furnishing and decor items are not new and pleasantly have taken over a lot of living spaces due to the muted colours and free structure. 2018 saw a number of houses undergoing the ‘boho design’ transformation which our customers shared on their Instagram handles.

However, 2019 will see a lot more of it with a number of furnishings and styles coming back. The incorporation of the windchimes, dream catchers and feathers in decorative pieces, quilts and throws gives a fresh yet laid-back free feel to any room.

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Here’s a closer look at this gorgeous #livingroom....warm gray wall and that showstopper suzani rug! When working with large pieces of furniture its important to create enough interest through other elements...layer colors and textures and pattern in a way that visually tricks the eye away from the large pieces! Think we nailed it here😀 (sources tagged) #weespaces #livingroomdecor #custominterior #interiordesign #interiordecor #interiorstyle #homedecor #hometohave #apartmenttherapy #smmakelifebeautiful #flashesofdelight #pursuepretty #showusyourhygge #theeverygirlathome #ggathome #smploves #dslooking #bangaloreinstagrammers #bangaloreinteriors #indianinteriors #indianhome #elledecorindia #showemyourstyled #simplystyleyourspace #styled #sodomino #housebeautiful #eclecticdecor #contemporaryindian

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It is ironical how a boho theme can help set your space apart because it speaks of a spirit, free energy and that’s how it is reflective of a room when done. The best part, the Pantone color of the year goes perfectly with the theme!

5. The delight is in the details 

Smaller details are going to be big this 2019 and often overlooked interior requirements for a home will soon make a structural difference. More pictures, quotes, and caricatures are set to adorn the walls, as quirky frames make an appearance. Instead of plain painted walls or wallpapers, fixtures will life to the walls.

Similarly, washed out walls shall exit as ceilings will make a statement. During the Mughal rule, architects would give special attention to ceilings as they would be beautifully done; and a similar trend will come into play this year. 2019 will also catch up with curved furnishings which was trendy back in the ’60s but were later, ridiculed. The rigid lines are soon going to be replaced with curved lines.

Getting all set for 2019    

As we stand on the brink of the new year, let interior decoration be a delightful experience as you can easily incorporate some of the trends into your home. Remodeling a house to suit your mood is always a good idea, and this can be done with minimum expense by adding newer decor pieces to a corner or some furnishings to change the way a space looks.

Making a home inclusive does not have to be with a major strategy and you can explore some Fabuliv products for inspiration.

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