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Keeping The Art Alive With Fabuliv: Ethically Crafted Home Decor For Beautiful Modern Homes

14 Dec 2018 0 Comments

Imagine travelling to another country, being completely enchanted by the decor items you see in a store and then realizing that they were actually ‘made in India’ when you see the tag. One, you wouldn’t have known that the craft form originated from your own country if the tag wasn’t there. Two, you realize how we ourselves don’t give the craft form enough attention back in the homeland, while the others seem to have realized their value.

Travelling to Spain, we discovered how many craft forms from India were finding their place in modern homes. Not only that, but the conscious homeowners were also aware of the rich culture behind each form and spoke highly of it.  

Coming back to our country, in our zeal to modernize homes, we’ve lost touch with our cultures and have definitely sidelined crafts from local artisans.

There are nearly 9 million artisans in India engaged in different kinds of artwork, suggest estimates. While some are working in companies and communities, there are many forms of art which do not find the right room to cater to the right kind of customers.

That’s exactly why we started Fabuliv.

With an aim to help local artisans come to the forefront. We explore the undiscovered bylanes of handcrafted products and bring them to the forefront, nudging the conscious homeowners to do their bit and help their own local artisans grow.

Our team consists of all these local artisans that want to get their work discovered and bring cultural products to modern homes. We together call it bringing back the tradition from its roots to modern homes that seem to have lost creativity and become cluttered spaces boasting of decor that is all too common. (Read our story)

Instagram-worthy homes and local artisans

We’re not saying it, you are.

We’re not going to tell you why you should be supporting local artisans instead of walking into brand showrooms and purchasing home decor that you last spotted in a magazine or at your friend’s place.

Well, of course, by doing so, you’re definitely helping an artisan step into the limelight for all their hard work. But you’re also encouraging them to not give up their creativity.

What’s more? You’re also making your home Instagram-worthy.   

So here are a few reasons why you should let work from local artisans beautify your homes:

1. Culturally rich

Creating an alluring home is not about sticking to those model houses and decor pieces that every showroom has to offer, sometimes what makes a home look striking are those distinctive pieces which are reflective of culture. Your home can mirror heritage by adding a local touch, which most urban homes today miss. Local artisans are involved in handcrafting pieces that pass on the rich tradition which we have long forgotten, but it is time to break the routine.

Instead of falling into the purchase-cycle of chic modern furniture that is cluttering up most spaces, investing in decor that manifests culture and tradition can be a break from the ordinary. Flipping through most magazines, you will realize we have begun hoarding up on what is advertised to us and are hardly aware or mostly ignorant towards what our local artisans can bring to our homes.

We at Fabuliv are constantly experimenting with furniture to deliver experiential living to our customers. We also believe that every home is reflective of the owner’s personalities, so why not keep it true to the owner’s self and our endeavour is to showcase that.

When we create decor pieces or furniture, it is to not only keep our artisans in the limelight but also to cater to our customers’ demands. Whether it is eccentric decor you demand or subtle pieces, we want to create a statement that transitions well into your living space and makes it look as if it always belonged there. This is why we take special care of our artisans when they are crafting a piece for you, it has always been a two-way process and they are our backbone as much as you are. Fabuliv believes that every customer is deserving of bringing home a story, adding a glimmer in their homes than just buying furniture.

2. Absolutely unique

Does every other decor store make you look like you are going for the same furniture catalogue; well that’s where we would prefer breaking away from the chaos and have you own something absolutely unique. We don’t like the word replica, and with each item handcrafted, you can be assured that you’re not bringing home the exact piece you might find at your neighbour’s.

We are sure you don’t want to be stuck in a spot, having guests over who tell you that they saw the same bookshelf or centre table that you own, in someone else’s house. We never let our customers deal with such embarrassing situations because each piece we craft is unique, and it is handmade from scratch. The hours and the effort of each and every artisan who is behind the piece ensures that it is unique to every customer and no machine can do justice at what the hand can create.

And we’re not kidding, but each piece is Instagrammable too!

Buy this here

3. Eco-friendly

In today’s growing trend of wanting to incorporate green furniture in homes, people are picking up decor items that are either not actually eco-friendly or are paying too much in the name of being environmentally conscious. However, being eco-friendly does not really have to come at a cost; it comes at the lack of research on the part of the customer.

For instance, in the older times, wood was the most-used raw material for creating furniture. We then eventually moved to use rot iron, acrylic and plastic. But the good news is, we are now back to using wood again!

But we’re careful where that wood comes from. Fabuliv sources wood from ethical sources to ensure we don’t harm the environment in any way.

Rather than creating a piece from scratch, redoing vintage items is a great option to reduce carbon footprint and we reuse materials in most of our products rather than yielding into the pressure of making one-use products. Similarly, our design process is careful of ensuring most of our pieces are multipurpose so that you could make maximum utility of every decor product you purchase from us.

We want to ensure the best bargain for our customer and ensuring they contribute in the least possible way to their carbon footprint. Most handmade products can be recycled and put to better purpose unlike machine made pieces and thus you also are aware where your products are going, because adding to the environment not only happens when you are purchasing but also dumping your furniture.

4. Sustainable

While eco-friendly decor usually reads sustainable, we cannot stress on this further that each and every piece of furniture built by us at Fabuliv is made to outlive its usefulness. Furniture that is created by hand, culturally rich and eco-friendly while being multipurpose and sustainable is a worthy investment, don’t you believe?

We don’t compromise on family ethos while decorating homes and also ensure to keep the owners’ personal style intact; which is why our products are upcycled to balance the home and environment. With the overpowering rage of green decor, you can find yourself in a confusion on where to begin, but the confusion ends right there as far as handmade products are concerned as it ensures lesser wastage compared to machine products and an assurance of giving back to the environment.

Sustainable design is the way forward, and we incorporate it still keeping the local art and aesthetics alive. Today, the most modern interior designs too ensure they contribute the least to the waste in their surroundings. And we at Fabuliv, believe in doing the same.

Our local artisans use sensitive design and implement creative methods to design decor which is high value in culture, contribute green living and at the same time ensure sustainable multipurpose furniture that guarantees maximum utility. Investing in the right kind of interior products is always a wise decision, and wiser if done in an environmentally conscious manner.

We understand the need to breathe freely in our homes and we value comfort living that eludes style and culture, which is why it is great to choose artisans over those repetitive decor showrooms. Fabuliv offers you a wide range of accent pieces crafted with love and immense artistry to accentuate your home.

Is it for you?

We say it is for everyone and believe that if everyone did their bit, we can bring forward the ignored artisans in as positive a manner as that we see in other countries. And at the same, we can go back to reflecting our unique rich cultures all over again.

Ready to join in on the trend and do your bit?
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