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Why It's Important to Buy Certified Table Lamps Only?

by Kishan Modanwal 12 Dec 2018 21 Comments
Have you ever thought about certification before buying a table lamp or pendant lamp online or have you ever inquired about the safety components of a lamp with the sales guy of a home decor store? Maybe yes or maybe no, but one thing is for sure that most of the online sellers or home decor stores in India do not bother about these certifications. You know the obvious reasons. Yes, it is because of our  Casual legal and regulatory system. Table lamps or pendant lamps are just like any other electric appliance which needs to be certified to be used safely at home. Generally, lamps are,  Placed in are homes either in the bedroom as table lamps, or as a decorative table lamp in the living area or study area all of which are placed very close to the human body. There are mainly two types of certifications we have for lamps. CE Certification & UL Certification We don't have to think about UL as it is used in the USA and our switchboards don't support UL fittings but CE is important for us. Firstly I would like to brief you about the electrical and safety components.
  1. Holder
  2. Wire
  3. Switch
  4. Cord Gip
  5. Isolator
  6. Cable Blocking Devices
First three are the electrical components of a lamp and all should be CE certified. It is very important to check whether the manufacturer is using all CE certified fittings or just using cheap fittings just to make more money. Later three are safety components of a lamp which most of the domestic manufacturers don't use. But they are very critical and should be used in order to make your lamp safe to use. So, next time whenever you buy a table lamp always enquire about these few things to be safe. You can also try Fabuliv Table Lamps as they all are CE Certified and exported to Europe, United States & U.K.
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28 Dec 2023 Jeams Dan
I love the lamp in the first photo! Where is that from? Wow! There are so many uniquely designed lamps now. Thank you for sharing! Love your site!! Table lamps can be a great addition to any room, as they add color and style.
25 Jul 2023 AKASH YADAV

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