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Tiny Little Essentials To Organize Cluttered Articles

by Kishan Modanwal 06 Dec 2018 0 Comments

It's good to have a resting room for all tiny little things, which are an essentials part of every home. If you do not give a cosy resting space to them, then they would make sure that your home looks untidy. Be it your Kitchen or your living area, your bedroom or your restroom, each room has a fair share to contribute to the clutter in the house. Each room has different needs to be addressed and we can't simply put them all in the same bucket.  Keeping that in mind Fabuliv has curated a range of organizers to quickly stash away these tiny things off your counters and tabletops.

So here we go room by room to clear that clutter and beautify your abode.

Let's begin with the heart of your home- kitchen

Stack your takeaway menus, recipe books, grocery bills, warranty cards, scissors and more in our effortlessly stylish wall and countertop organizers.

It's time to dress up your Living Room!

Is your couch cluttered with TV remotes, chargers and magazines?  Not to worry. Bring home some Wooden crates, wire mesh baskets, Wall shelves and floor shelves and all your worries shall be taken care of.  Make sure you choose the right mix of baskets in terms of size and colour that blends well with your décor. At Fabuliv we do understand this well and customize products as per your needs.

Now let's address the needs of your bedroom

Storage essentials for bedroom include a large tray to hold your perfumes and makeup accessories,  Wooden buckets for those extra cushions and bedspreads when not in use and some beautiful storage boxes to care for your bedtime needs while adding style effortlessly.

Oops!! Your Bathroom needs your help.

It would be wise to fetch some extra storage boxes to keep your grooming supplies like nail clippers, cotton balls, earbuds, hairpins in place.  Oops, don’t let these boxes contribute to the already existing clutter. Place them neatly in a smart countertop tray to beautify your Resting room. If you have a space crunch or like to keep your toiletries at an arms distance try our shower caddy to hold all your bathing essentials close to you.

You also need a wall cabinet to hold your stuff like shaving kits, oral kits, make up fixes etc.  Don’t settle for those boring ones when we give you ample options to choose from. How can we miss to arrange that clumsily hanging money plant? Let's settle it in a nice hand painted recycled bottle from Fabuliv.


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