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Fabuliv Homes: Homeowners Inspiring Us And Our Artisans Every Day

by Vanhishikha Bhargava 15 Dec 2018 0 Comments

Decorating a house is as personal an experience, as purchasing one. And we recognise the joy this experience gives! Whether it is to decorate a space from scratch or remodelling it, it needs to be thought through.

Right from picking the right shade for the wall to deciding how a corner needs to look, choosing the right centrepiece to picking the perfect lampshade - as small a task as these may sound, these finer details are what bring the house together.  

We at Fabuliv believe that every house has a story to tell and we want to join in on the joy of bringing your dream home alive. That’s why we help you cut out the daunting task of having to hunt down furniture pieces as local markets or go looking for eccentric decor pieces to different areas. We curated the best of it all on our store to help you effortlessly find unique pieces to create an exclusive look for your home.

And who else is a testimony to our efforts, than our very own customers who have been encouraging the artisans that work with us?

Fabulous home with Fabuliv

1. Divya Jujaray

We believe in quirky to notch up living spaces, and if vintage is your calling, you’ll love how our customer Divya Jujaray has created her cosy nook. With the Fabuliv lampshade on the vintage blue box that is in contrast with the mustard yellow couch, she’s created an instant boho look for her living room.


We don’t know about you, but we certainly love a peaceful corner like hers for some quality me time, with a good book and a warm cup of tea.

2. Payal Gupta

Even smaller pieces can change the way a space looks and our customer, Payal Gupta shows you how. Wanting a mini bar of her own, she actually created one over a counter at her home with gorgeous wine glasses, wine bottles and a gorgeous looking vintage box from Fabuliv to create a rustic look. Who says you need bar stools and a huge display of wine bottles to get your very own bar?

And as she rightly says, every corner of the home does have a story. Got us wondering what is hers!  

Sometimes the trick is in not overdoing, but underplaying the decor!

3. Megha Gupta

Adding an aesthetic blend to her dining space is not any other regular customer but actress Megha Gupta who swears by our country style fruit basket as much as she swears by a fit life. Gupta, an actress who believes in eating right and living healthy, keeps the Fabuliv country style fruit basket right on top of her dining table for a constant reminder to eat right. Let’s just take a cue from her, shall we?

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You can do all the yoga in the world, all the exercises, all the make up, all the fancy shmancy clothes in the world, but if you have shit in your head, and an unhealthy gut, you will always be stuck in the same cycle. Having been diagnosed with Diabeties Type 1 recently, I knew I had to make some changes in my life, and lifestyle. I was always in care of my health, but a few changes had to be made. I now try to include yoga and meditation in my routine, having been a hard-core Crossfit girl, it has been one of THE MOST difficult thing I've had to do lately, (all you Crossfitters, ya'll feel me!!). I just always found yoga - "slow" 🤘 I now love waking up to this beautiful country style fruit basket from @fabuliv_official and picking my doze of the day, it makes me feel like I'm in a barn (😍😍😍), out in the country side, right in the middle of Mumbai. Never seizes to make my day. Good start to the day, is a good day already ☺️🍎🍏🍌🍒🍋🥝🥑🍍🍇🍐 . . . Have a super Bola awesome weekend you guys! 🌸 . . . Shot by @chinmatography MUA @delsimody Lashes @reneebyaashka Outfit @bershkacollection . . Special credit to my sunshine girl @delsimody for always making me laugh the way she does 💜 . . #MeghaGupta #TVActor #SocialInfluencer #ActorsLife #travelinfluencer #Influencer #LifestyleInfluencer #WomenEntrepreneur #FitLifeStyle #FashionLovers #LifestylePhotography #NewLifeStyle #vegan #Yoga #meditation #diwali2018 #diwali #fruits #fruitBasket #type1d #diabeties #diabetestype1 #diabetesmonthnovember #diabetiesmonth #november #diabeties #gamechanger #blessed #biggestblessing #insulin #crossfit

A post shared by Megha Gupta (@meghaguptaofficial) on

Time to get our act together and ensure we too get a healthy start to the day!

4. Vinithra

Healthy living is not only about eating healthy but breathing well too and we have the perfect decor pieces for your garden. If you still do not have a garden, we have decor inspirations to plant some saplings and get started, just like our customer and interior designer Vinithra does.

Our vintage blue shelf sits perfectly well in Vinithra’s patio to go along with the natural greens and mirrors on the wall, don’t you think? Well, if you are planning an outside seating space to enjoy some me-time and chai; enjoy it with the plants just like how this interior designer does!

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I realize that so many saturdays I’m working, that when am not like today, I coffee up, get the kids some breakfast and then get stuck to a chair so hard, I won’t be able to peel myself off it for hours😑😂 Holiday planning, catching up on that home to-do list, community winter carnival and an ugly sweater party is on the cards today😀 Packed but fun!! This is probably the only space in the house that has that maximalist vibe...I’m starting to find it a bit cluttered and I think I might change up the layout of this space! Maybe a charpoy...i’ve been digging the idea of one in the patio for so long😄 #weespaces #plantshelfie #myhomevibe #howihome #urbanjungle #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantstagram #modernboho #showemyourstyled #smmakelifebeautiful #smpliving #abmathome #ggathome #theeverygirlathome #homesweethome #handmademodernhome #jungalowstyle #flashesofdelight #myhousebeautiful #inmydomaine #apartmenttherapy #bohochic #ahomemadehome #fromwhereistand #currenthomeview #outdoorliving #patiodecor #lesshousemorehome

A post shared by Weespaces (@weespaces_clicks) on

BRB, we might just go ask to join her in on a cup of tea.

5. Anuradha Kapoor

Experimenting with decor is usually a great idea that many disdain, however, we at Fabuliv love to experiment and cheer for our customers who take this idea further by decorating their homes with our experimental pieces.

One such customer, Anuradha Kapoor who owns a brand called Anuraya is a decor enthusiast. She uses our metal and wood corner shelf to spruce up a neglected corner. Combined with a few greens, the corner definitely looks lively!

You’d fondly call this home decor style the #urbanjungle that has been trending on Instagram for years now.

Show us your #FabulivHome

Well, we’re always on the lookout to see how our customers are decorating their homes with our products and these definitely caught our attention! In fact, they gave us a few ideas to do up our own spaces as well.

But they’re not the only ones. There are so many others who inspire us and our artisans every day to create and curate more unique pieces for modern homes.

If you have purchased absolutely anything from Fabuliv, don’t forget to click, share and tag us in the picture. Knowing their art has found home, brings joy to us and our artisans! 

Follow us on Fabuliv - Instagram for more inspiration. 

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