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One Stroke For Every Decor In Your House: Hand painted Decor Items You Need

by Abhishek Jha 03 Jan 2019 0 Comments

New year. New home decor.

So we decided to make sure you only bring in the most authentic and decorative of home decor items to make your home look absolutely gorgeous. And hand painted decor items never let you down when it comes to authenticity. Right?

But that’s not the best part, these uniquely crafted pieces by our artisans have been winning hearts all over and you’ll love to see how our customers are using them to make their fabulous homes more Fabuliv!  

Hand-painted home decor for Fabuliv homes

1. Lamps and Lighting

Whether you want to light up your room for the book you want to read, or dim it down to suit a dinner date at home; lampshades can always help the setting. But, why buy those boring looking lamps when you can buy something that adds a bit of personality and decorativeness to a space?

Take a look at this pendant lamp for instance. Giving those usual hanging lampshades a new look altogether, the hand-painted details on the lamp by our artisans make this piece as unique as it comes. The vintage look of the lamp further adds to the warmth and coziness you want in your reading corner.

fabuliv pendant lamp

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Or this table lamp right here that definitely looks like the one you’ve been looking for your bedside table. Why only experiment with plain lampshade colors when you can go for a lamp painted so intricately? We’re sure this piece is about to turn your corner table into an Insta-worthy picture. Here’s proof!

fabuliv handpainted table lamp

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2. Artsy utility boxes  

We’re big fans of organized homes. After all, that’s the only way to make every little detail in your home decor stand out. That’s why our artisans crafted and decorated these utility boxes to absolute perfection that appeals to both the organizer and the home decorator in us.

We know you don’t like rummaging through drawers every morning to find your favorite items like rings, pendants and more. These utility boxes come in different shapes and sizes and can help you stow away all those trinkets that have been lying around on surfaces.

What’s more? They are nothing like those sad looking organizing bags that you have been using to keep things untangled.  

fabuliv handpainted utility drawers

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Instead of investing in an expensive table, the ombre hand painted utility box lives up to its name and can add glamour to any furniture. The bright colors and the non-conforming shape is what drives you to this piece. You can easily use it to store your jewelry or stationery on your work table.

Or if you are not a big fan of drawers and want something simpler, a great option could be to buy hand-painted boxes instead. They make for simple storage and at the same time, also a decorative piece for the surface you keep them on.

fabuliv handpainted utility box

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3. Eclectic candleholders

While most of us go the extra mile to find scented candles that we absolutely love, there are very few of us who actually look for something to keep them on. And when it is time to light them up, all we wish for is having a proper candleholder or a candle stand that doesn’t look ugly - especially when you’re planning to set the mood in a space such as your living room.

Just look at the Ellie hand painted candle stand here. Whether you’re planning to light up that candle on a given day or not, we’re sure that with this piece, your candles wouldn’t look like they have just been left on surfaces for later use.

Showcasing the rustic beauty of natural wood, these candle stands are crafted by our artisans to give each one a unique appeal. The candle stands come with a glass cover to prevent wax drips and spills, and keep the candles burning longer.

handpainted candle stand

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4. Gorgeous handpainted vases

One thing we’ve learned the hard way is that your home can never have enough vases - especially when you have a birthday or an anniversary in a month. You end up using your water bottles or even your dustbins as vases, simply because you don’t want to stalk up on those plain looking glass vases that are nothing but boring.

But our artisans believe that even the vases can look as beautiful as the rest of your home decor. Handcrafted and painted with warm colors and intricate designs, these vases are elegant art objects on their own.

fabuliv handpainted vases

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The great thing about the vases crafted by the Fabuliv artisans is that they suit every personality and come in different shapes. So you can actually experiment with different pieces for different rooms and corners of the house! Like this sleek set of three hand-painted vases is a definite must-have for the bohemian souls.

handpainted vases

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5. Coffee tables

Ever since ‘me time’ became a thing, coffee tables have become a popularly picked furniture piece for home decor enthusiasts. But all we saw were the usual wooden coffee tables with stools tucked in - definitely practical, but also boring!

Our artisans gave coffee tables an all-new look by hand painting intricate designs at the top, making each table a stand-alone gorgeous piece of furniture and absolutely unique.

fabuliv handpainted coffee table

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Handpainted and Fabuliv!

Even humble decor items can look exquisite and expensive, with the twist of the brush and the hand of a craftsman. And these Fabuliv products are made just for that. All they need is a how like yours.

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