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Sustainable Luxury: How You Can Ace the Art of Saving the Planet

28 Apr 2021 0 Comments

So, you bought the house of your dreams and now you’re turning it into a home room by room, corner by corner. As you add a hint of your personality to the space to make a home, ever wondered how you could take one step forward to also make your HOME (the earth) feel at home? 

Sustainability. Yes, turning your dream house into your home can be more than just about how it looks and feels. It can also be about the impact it makes on where it stands! 

All it takes is knowing what you need, what’s around you and making conscious purchase decisions. 

sustainable home decor luxury

What is sustainable home decor?

Sustainable home decor refers to products that are nature-friendly. That means your purchase is not only good-looking to make your house come alive, but is also saving the planet in the process. 

Sustainable luxury living is making an informed decision today for the better future of our planet and environment as a whole. This can involve making conscious decisions in your day-to-day lifestyle purchases including what you wear, what you consume and even your home decor! 

We at Fabuliv are making it easy for you to choose both style and sustainability when it comes to your home. 

And we’ll tell you why we’re doing this. 

sustainable environment

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Why should you choose sustainable home decor?

Simply put, it looks good, feels good and helps you do good. 

But if you’re looking for more reasons, let us give you some: 

#1 A healthier option

Sustainable luxury uses materials that are healthier and non-toxic, like recycled clothes, better wood alternatives, jute, terracotta, etc. Definitely a better option for you and your loved ones if you inhale the goodness of pure and recycled materials rather than the toxicity of industrial ones.

#2 A cheaper option

Most of the non-sustainable materials need more repairs and replacement. Sustainable materials also last longer and reduce your recurring costs on maintaining it. Worst still, replacing it!.

#3 An ethical option

Sustainable luxury brands offer you products that are not built on exploitation. Strong ethics help the artisans offer more dedication and you get products that are created with love.

Fabuliv works with artisans across India to bring you sustainably sourced and handcrafted products for every nook and corner of your home. Since our products are handcrafted, we’re making strides towards reducing the waste that comes from machine-made products.

Don’t believe us? Meet our artisans

We’re helping you create a space that’s greener, lets you feel safe and breathe freely. All while appealing to your aesthetic tastes. Take a look at our sustainable home decor collection here

How to create a sustainable home?

The best way to do it would be by being mindful of your choices. Pick products not on impulse but after careful thought and research on their materials and the process of their making as well as how the brand is going to ship them to you. 

If that seems too much, here are a few ways to start: 

#1 Check your paint

Most of the paints use harmful materials such as VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). Such materials are extremely toxic and combined with the elements around, pollute the air you breathe, leading to various ailments. Going sustainable with respect to your choice of paints will help you avoid unnecessary medical conditions. Choose paints with natural elements and ingredients like flour, linseed oil, clay, etc.

#2 Pick furniture made of sustainable wood

Wood furnishing adds a luxurious touch to your decor and is sustainable as well. It is elegant and exclusive, defining your refined taste. Wood furnishing is also a sustainable way to decorate your home. 

But choosing the wrong wood can not only increase your maintenance expenses but also ruin items, especially if you have wooden cupboards. Research well before going for wooden furniture. 

types of wood infographic

Image Source: Inhabitat

Apart from these, mango wood is also a highly sustainable option, mainly because it is cultivated as a fruit tree. The hardwood reaches maturity in about 15 years. This is also the time when they stop producing fruits and can be utilised for their wood.

From our coveted bedroom shelves and wooden study chair and tables to our wall shelves with doors, at Fabuliv, we use recycled material and mango wood, along with other elements that add a royal touch to your decor. We offer longevity with exemplary quality.

#3 Be mindful of materials

And by materials, we don’t just mean the furniture and decor that you choose. Each element and product inside your home should be picked with mindfulness. Even something as small as a toothbrush or a towel. If you are going for sustainable luxury living, do it the right way. 

Choose furnishings crafted out of sustainable material such as mango wood, jute, recycled glass, terracotta, etc. 

With Fabuliv, you can truly make a difference. Our sustainable products come in unique designs and are spread across categories. From table lamps with shades made of jute and bases made from recycled glass and terracotta to cushions covers fashioned out of recyclable cloth, we have something for everyone.

#4 Bring in those succulents

Indulge in indoor planting. It is a wonderful way to decorate your home. At the same time, it also fills your home with better air and elegance. It adds an elegant and charming vibe to your corners and walls and exudes a soothing vibe that breathes life into a dull space.

succulent plant guide for sustainable home decor

Image Source: The Cottage Market

#5 Ditch those carpets

Carpets are no longer magical. Even the one in Aladdin was a fictional one, almost useless, except when he had to make a quick exit. This one will help you too; in exiting your home, sick and breathless. 

Carpets are old-school decor. They are no longer relevant. They trap dirt and dust which often cannot be extracted completely while cleaning, no matter how aggressive the vacuum. The best way to make your home sustainable is by getting rid of the carpet decor, once and for all.

Pro tip: Go for wooden floors. They last longer and are easier to maintain. Again, be wary of the wood you choose. It should be in sync with the environment and other factors.

wooden flooring for sustainable home decor

Image Source: Remove And Replace

#6 Light up those candles

Candles spice up the mood and also calm the senses, depending on the fragrance you choose. They also serve as excellent home decor. Choose candles that do not contain harmful chemicals and substances. Go for organic variants that calm your mind and light up your corners. Avoid candles that have ingredients such as petroleum distillates, limonene, alcohol, esters, etc. These can cause you to feel dizzy and fatigued, along with other long-term issues.

See? Creating sustainable luxury around you isn’t that difficult. 

Turn to sustainable luxury living with Fabuliv

At Fabuliv, we understand that our time on this planet is limited. So, why not make it count with better choices? 

That is why, we bring to you a range of beautifully created sustainable decor, furniture and home furnishings from across India with the help of local artisans.  

Each piece is antique and unique in nature, handcrafted to perfection, using sustainable materials like terracotta, recycled glass, mango wood and more. Recycled is just one way to go about it. We ensure that we pick materials that are good for the environment. And our artisans ensure that you get the best design as they carve each angle diligently. 

Together, let’s make this a sustainably beautiful planet.
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