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Pour in a pinch of ‘vintage’ to your home decor only @Fabuliv

12 Sep 2018 2 Comments

Very often we are mesmerized and inspired by the vintage decor of our hangout places but designing our abodes the same way from scratch is not always the feasible option. Fabuliv showcases a classic range of home decor collectables, which are unapologetically old-school in their moulds, yet pour in a pinch of eclecticism to your indoor setups.

The vintage style bottles, cylindrical boxes, decorative wooden trays, storage boxes and table clocks, all living up to the pretty and antique quotients, help you put up an adequately rare indoors. Also, they showcase a beautiful collection for the whatsoever little green space we are left within contemporary houses. The wildly carved out flamingo and hornbill wall brackets along with the chic gardening stuff find the nature-lover within you. Adorn your abodes with these vividly vintage articles from Fabuliv.

Add a little touch of antique to the powerhouse of your home

If the kitchen seems to be synonymous with broiling and boring, this online store brings you the opportunity to design this powerhouse of your home. The chalkboard veggie shelves, the corked glass bottles to store oil, the glossy vintage metal boxes and the silver antique container bring the absolute ‘fairy-tale’ touch to your kitchen. Not only the articles but their price tags as well are delightful; the country storage boxes have a starting range at around Rs.399. Though chopping a basket full of vegetables seems to be unending a task, yet the wooden Eloy chopping board or the black chalkboard cutting board from Fabuliv can make it a little more interesting. For the Disney fans, the huge glass containers, the wooden crates, and the beautiful glossy storage boxes are the pick of the day.

Light it up in style

The contemporary interior artists are arranging the houses with a dazzle of beautiful lighting. With Fabuliv’s collection of candle stands, lanterns, table lamps and pendant lamps, you really do not need to run after the expensive artists to adorn your nests. For your living areas, the hand painted vintage pendant lamps do it all, while for your cosy bedrooms, the splendid table lamps set the right mood. Here, they have showcased wooden-based globe table lamps, which perfectly compliment your study tables or the little library corner of your home.

Vintage tit-bits for the not-so-loaded corners

The wooden trays beautifully carved out in both darker and lighter shades of brown make and also painted in white or red can be used as a simple decor item at your dining tables or even showcase racks. The utility boxes available in sets of three as well as single pieces help you put up a clean table and impart a vintage touch to the otherwise-look-so-normal corners of your home.

While you redesign your houses consider putting a touch of these vintage style items like a rare black globe or a gold and white round table clock here and there, as these are good food for the guests you host at house parties. So grab the best before it runs out of stock!

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17 Jun 2019 Dr Beena yadav
I saw your furniture at my friend’s house, l am so much facinated with designing
17 Jun 2019 Dr Beena yadav
I saw your furniture at my friend’s house, l am so much facinated with designing

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