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Kitchen Organizing Hacks

by Kishan Modanwal 25 Oct 2018 0 Comments

Ditch those boring styles of kitchen organization and add some personality to your kitchen. This would not only add style and utility but help you avoid restocking dry pantry stuff, which is already sitting in your kitchen. So next time you go shopping for grocery, you would not have to dig hard in those lengthy shopping lists.

Store Dry Goods In Transparent Containers:

Unpack Staples like rice, cereals, cookies, pasta & store them in clear glass containers to quickly tell you what’s running low. Stack up your most used spices on the countertop using small spice jars rested well in a tray or a spice rack.

Keep the Cans Handy & Well Organized

Our handcrafted wire baskets, tiered racks, industrial wall shelves are easy additions to stock your canned stuff. It would be good to use labelling stickers in order to save time.

Rest your Vitamin boosters in wire mesh baskets

Fabuliv brings you some cherry picks for storing your veggies and fruits. Why have stale when we can pick fresh?

Convert these multipurpose chopping boards to cheese platters.

Want to save space in your kitchen? Try these cute multipurpose cutting boards from Fabuliv. Use them as chopping boards in your kitchen or as cheese platters for serving quick snacks in high tea parties.  They effortlessly add style while being multifunctional.


Organize your loaves of bread!

A bread loaf is an essential ingredient of every kitchen.  So let’s give it a resting room

Exploring ideas to store your Granny’s love and cutlery sets?

Don’t settle for boring trays when we have these smartly designed condiment sets and cutlery holders to take good care of your pickle cans, jams, ketchup and cutlery. These tiny pieces are a treat to eyes.

Time to Add Personality To Your Kitchen

Step into our world of little rustic,  little vintage & little colour. These carefully curated inimitable finds are sure to lend that extra glam to your kitchen and steal compliments.

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