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5 Must Have Multi-Purpose Furniture Pieces for Any Home

21 Oct 2020 5 Comments

Ever bought something you saw at a friend’s house but had instant regrets after placing it in your own? While every house is a temple on it’s own, not all products are meant for all. Here we discuss a few products that can never go wrong in any home. Ofcourse, it all comes down to the right application and choice made with respect to furniture and it’s environment. We will also look at the different rooms the products can be placed in and what to look for while making your purchase.

1. Side Table

Side tables are an extremely useful product that can supplement storage by enabling convenience. Contrary to popular belief, side tables are not just for bed sides but can actually be used in common areas as well. While talking about common areas, another creative practice is to have 2 different but complementary side tables, either in terms of the color or form. If you’re placing side tables next to your sofa, make sure the height of the table is always more than the handlebar of the sofa.

Where: living room, family room, bedroom, bathroom

What to look for: An ideal side table would be heighted between 24 and 36 inches. A heavy-set side table with a solid back would look best in the bedroom while lighter designed tables would be best for other areas.

2. Bench

Benches are a lovely little way of adding seating as well as storage to any space. With customized upholstery, benches can be made to suit any home, small or large. The under-seating storage can be open, closed or removed altogether for a basic, regal bench, depending on your requirements. Add some throw pillows and make a cute setup with a bench.

Where: foyer, entryway, porch, living room, with dining set, foot of bed

What to look for: Backless benches are easier to find and more comfortable than others. Don’t forget to customize the upholstery according to the mood of the space.

3. Drawer Dresser

Drawers can be a compelling piece of furniture while also having high utility. Drawers are the ideal storage solution for any room of the house while exuding individualistic styles and aesthetics. Every house must have a nice, wooden drawer dresser that acts as a hero piece in the room. With modern techniques and innovation, drawers can be customized brilliantly with handcrafted techniques and equipped with secret mini-drawers if that is something you’re looking for.

Where: bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom

What to look for: Understand what drawer combination works best for you and the space you’re looking to install it in. Also, consider your options regarding the materials you’re using with respect to the room.

4. Accent Stool/ Chair

Accent seating is a no brainer for any home. Be it an upholstered Slipper chair, a comfy chaise or a plush foot stool, there’s something for everyone! An accent piece brings the room together and that is what you want to achieve with this piece of furniture. Consider your choices for colors and materials before getting one home!

Where: living room, bedroom

What to look for: An accent seat that blends into your space while accentuating it’s style and drawing the room together.

5. Corner Shelving

Corners are one of the most underutilized areas in our house. Most furniture pieces are designed in a single orientation and it can be quite a task to find one that is meant for corners. But if you know, understand how highly functional the piece can be while being out of the way of your mainstream decor. Accent corner pieces are an even bigger rarity and look absolutely divine in a muted space.

Where: living room, kitchen, bedroom, family room, bathroom

What to look for: Make sure the product is meant to be used in a corner; using single-orientation shelving in corners will not give the same ease of use. If the shelving is mounted, make sure to put at a height of 4ft to 4.5ft from the floor.

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