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A Breezy Style for kitchen-dining Most kitchens are a shadow of the people who use it - an amalgamation of vibrant patterns, an exuberant grid of colours, compact storage boxes and more - what does your kitchen say? Therefore, it is easy to say that your kitchen is ‘the’ place where everything gets cooked up, so the last thing it needs to be is tedious. Stack up a bunch of vintage crates and deck up with a variety of wooden accessories to make it look like a piece of art. Let your kitchen be the kind that pays homage to an age-old art of a painter's imagination - a palette of his striped silk screens. A Palace Of Moody Hues Just like any other art, cooking too depends a lot on your mood, which is why Fabuliv insists that you make it as vibrant as possible. Sometimes louder is better, especially when it comes to the kitchen. Therefore, make a statement by experimenting with pieces like hanging wall shelves and metal wire baskets as they used to be featured in a 17th-century Italian farmhouse. Make every minute spent in the kitchen a worthwhile encounter. What We Recommend Whether it is in the calming hue or in the vivacity of its cabinets, every kitchen can have its own serious style. That in point, if there is one thing that you absolutely must have in your kitchen, it has to be wooden kitchen shelves. High above the ground, these artsy shelves custom made for a clean, modern aesthetic keeps the style quotient in check. Trust us when we say that all these shelves and cabinets commissioned by our artisan will add a glamorous touch to your kitchen.