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Rejuvenate For the simple reason that bathroom is where you rejuvenate every morning, it is critical that you utilize every bit of your imagination to make it gorgeous. These spaces may be small, but they certainly don't lack panache. From hanging wall shelves to wall mounted towel storage, these small bathrooms aren’t afraid of making a big style statement – and you shouldn’t be either. Mount one of our narrow étagerè on your bathroom walls and bring back the 19th-century charm. The Bliss Of Simple Pleasures In today’s tech-savvy age, a lot of work is getting done in the bathroom – from replying to emails as you get done with your morning business to scrolling through Facebook feed to follow up on updates. With that in context, why not install a bathrooms bookshelf to extend the limitations? Use a medium-height antique shelf for books, towels and a plant to keep things simple and stylish. What We Recommend To tell you the truth, people do not really experiment much with bathroom mirrors – a piece of fitting that bears a lot of scope. Keeping the size of your bathroom in close context, you can play with mirrors – mount them on the walls, place it on the floor and erect it against one corner. Mirrors make these tiny chambers appear big and add more light to the space, especially the ones with limited countertop.