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Diwali Decor Ideas for 5 Different Spaces

10 Nov 2020 0 Comments


Diwali is just around the corner and the festive spirits are sweet in the air. The time leading up to Diwali usually sees people in India indulging in what is known as Diwali ki safai or an annual ritual of deep cleaning and conditioning the house. Once everything is made spot clean, we move on to decorating our homes to celebrate the festivities with vigour and brightly lit corners around the place. Today, we’re here to share a few Diwali decor ideas for different areas of your house, that you must incorporate in your efforts for lighting up your shrine:

  • Outside your Main Entrance

  • The outdoor area or lobby is usually decorated with extensive rangoli work using bright colored powders or natural rice paste. If you consider yourself to be less creative than most, you can go the easy way and create an expansive flower rangoli using multicolored flower petals. You can also consider keeping a stone, terracotta, or brass urli and lamp tower in the outdoor area. If you’re feeling even more enthusiastic, consider designing a small festive installation at home that can be safely kept outside your entrance.

  • Entryway

  • Your entryway decor needs to be balanced with your outdoor area. If you have kept the outdoors simple, feel free to go a little overboard in your entryway. If you have a credenza or any other flat surface, consider adding a flower-filled thaal or a beautiful floating rangoli. The walls can be decorated with accent pieces and string lights leading to the living room. Complete the look with a gorgeous runner along the entryway.

  • Living Area

  • The biggest and probably most impactful change you can make to your living area is by changing the soft furnishings with embellished, bright colored, rich fabrics. Upcycle your zari-work sarees to drape along your sofa and center table. Layer and upgrade your curtains and blinds and most importantly, add a ton of gorgeous cushions and plushies to cozy up the space. Decorate the center table with fresh blooms in brass and silverware. Bring out some potpourri and light up some incense or scented candles to render a multi-sensory experience.

  • Pooja

  • The Lakshmi pooja is the central idea behind every Diwali ritual. Like any other Hindu pooja, we clean and decorate the area and light it up with diyas and candles. We also add tuberoses and marigolds to amplify the Diwali spirit in our hearts and set up the area for the pooja. Rangoli can be made in the pooja area as well with flowers as well as colors. Beautiful Ganesh and Lakshmi idols flood the streets every Diwali to be bought and used for the main pooja. This Diwali, help out your local artisans by buying directly from them!

  • Balcony and other rooms

  • The balcony is another important space that deserves a good makeover. Paper/ glass lamps and string lights, along with glass lamps can be used to embellish the balcony area. A jaali twinkle light is perfect to drape down your railing to engulf the entire area in a warm glow. If space permits, you can install a big urli with floating rangoli and candles in the balcony area.

    For other rooms, flower streamers and fairy lights can do wonders to elevate the overall mood of the space. You can also consider adding accent decor or lighting pieces throughout the house.

    Please be mindful of the areas where candles or diyas are being lighted and ensure that fabrics and flammable items are at a safe distance. Be careful while handling and lighting candles and always double check your electric points before connecting lights to them.

    Wishing you and your family a very happy Diwali from Fabuliv. Make sure to check out some amazing Diwali deals at for gorgeous furniture and home decor products.


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