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Coffee Tables You Didn’t Know You Want In Your Home This Year

by Abhishek Jha 08 Jan 2019 233 Comments

While decorating a home, one puts a lot of thought into the pieces of furniture can instantly liven up a corner. Right from the lights to be used to create a cozy look to bringing in pieces that make storage easy, we pay attention to every single detail. But do you know that one practical piece that actually has the power to pull the entire room together? Yes, we’re talking about the coffee tables you have been seeing in all those interior design magazines.

You wonder how, well, a coffee table at an arm’s distance is always the easiest and comfortable piece of furniture to keep your things. Whether while sipping your coffee or to place your favorite books or to just put up your legs, sit back and relax on your couch. The sculptural design of a coffee table can provide space within a compact table, thus making a style statement.

Lighter tables with legs while placed on a rug work well, but if you are looking for something of a utilitarian purpose, a heavier box type coffee table can also suit your likes. While the ultimate choice rests with you, we at Fabuliv decided to spoil you with some great choices!

Box’d coffee table

When we said, something lighter on the legs with a minimal design, we meant to give you a coffee table like this one - the roger brown coffee table. This woodwork coffee table which is dark in colour and has a box type structure, as simple as it looks is perfect for those who want it simply for the purpose of storing some nice magazines and to enjoy a cup of coffee, in the garden, in the corner space of your room or even your living room. Its compact design is what makes it top the charts in our list of the most loved furniture pieces in the list of our customers!

fabuliv coffee table 1

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Vintage, round and edgy

For our customers who love experimental pieces in their home, the Oleg vintage round coffee table is just perfect. It doesn’t just serve the purpose of a table but also adds an edgy look to the space. With a wooden large plate-like tabletop, it stands on a similar teal-color wood stand. This piece is sure to elevate an otherwise dull room almost instantly. The design along with the natural woodwork makes the piece one of its kind that is sure to get you plenty compliments.

fabuliv coffee table 2

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The Maple charm

Maple wood is one of the most sturdy woods and that’s what makes this decorative Ashley Maple rectangular coffee table a must-have. The mish-mash design which is in contrast with the honey maple color of the table adds to the beauty of this rectangular box. With another deck on the bottom, the table has quite a lot of space to stash up all your favorite magazine catalogs as well as some newspapers. What makes this piece really unique is the work our artisans have done on the wooden surface.

aztec coffee table fabuliv

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Persian beauty

In the olden times, kingdoms used a lot of stonework in their furniture and homes. We decided to revive the old times' beauty with this Persian handpainted coffee table which comes in a contrasting black and an off-white color. The black table top in stone has an intricate floral design painted by our skilled artisans that instantly lifts the look of the piece. The uniqueness of this table lies in the Persian design of the coffee table’s surface and legs. Oh and we also love the extra little space at the bottom to stow away a few books.

persian stone coffee table fabuliv

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Tribal by design, urban by character

One of our favorites and we are sure will be yours too is this Elliptical tribal coffee table which has an interesting design concept to it. This coffee table is as utilitarian as unique its design is; with drawers on both sides of the front. What we really like about this table is how our artisans went the extra mile to create an intricate design in white on the top and the front of the table. The tribal pattern adds a boho look to the furniture piece, and the drawers are a great way to keep all the knicks knacks tucked away.

tribal coffee table 1

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If you want a piece that wants the tribal design standing out more, our artisans created a piece using mango wood in a vintage white shade. The black used for the design stands out and makes the piece absolutely eclectic.

tribal coffee table 2

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Quirk all the way

This eccentric centerpiece can absolutely change the look of any room, thanks to its intertwined legs that are sure to draw attention. If you are looking for a coffee table that is absolutely distinctive, this Fabuliv piece is the one to go for. It spells quirky and is still rundown subtle due to the simple wooden table top. The piece is simple, stable and yet adds a whole new personality to the space.

brass table

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Have you found the perfect coffee table?

These unconventional gorgeous coffee tables have absolutely won hearts of many of our customers.

However, we believe what makes a home, is the home owner’s perspective and we live by yours which is why Fabuliv loves to cater to different design styles. So if you’re still struggling to find a coffee table that suits your home, don’t forget to browse through what our artisans have been working on!

Browse all the Fabuliv coffee tables today.

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