Shipping Delivery

We at strive to be more than just an online store, we try to improve your experience in discovering Products, handcrafted by Skilled Artisans of India and maintain your curiosity by introducing new products straight from the skilled hands. We also attempt to follow a made-to –order model of sustainable chain of production and attempt to provide the highest level of customization possible for our customer.

At “Fabuliv” we take great care in delivering your products to you and we partner only with reputed Courier Services.

Delivery Time -If you are in a hurry, then you are at the wrong place, because at Fabuliv we believe in slow and sustainable living. Our delivery timelines are far more than other market players and we proudly celebrate it, as each of our product comes with a story, uniqueness and a soul that runs while making that product. Our products are not a result of mass production done by machines, rather, they are individual accents curated with utmost love by nibble hands of skilled artisans who put in their souls while making these rare masterpieces. There is always a spirit of joy that runs in our products as we do not force deadlines on our Artisans and request you the same.
Generally the decor, kitchen and lighting products reach your doorsteps in 1-2 weeks and Furniture products reach you in 2-4 weeks.
Although we make sure that we deliver the products within the above mentioned timelines but a humble request to allow us some time in rare cases of exception.