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Dining tables are one of the most crucial pieces of furniture in any home. It is the place where wholesome family conversations are sparked and members of the family sit down together to enjoy a tasty meal together. Styling such an important piece of furniture is crucial to add to the charm of the dining space. 

Table mats are one such decor item and dining element that has now become a necessary component of the dining table whether it is a restaurant or a household. Placemats today serve a variety of purposes in addition to their initial function of keeping the table clean while food is being served. As a result, placemats for dining tables today serve a variety of functions and serve as decorative accents in addition to being works of art. 

The finest dining placemats available online could be used to brighten up and beautify your table. They safeguard the table's surface while adding a touch of beauty to your eating area. At Fabuliv, you can pick from a huge selection of materials and patterns. 

Things to Consider Before Buying Placemats

When choosing placemats for your table, keep in mind the size and shape of your furniture. They can be used to decorate your home, entertain visitors, or just for daily use. Placemats may seem like a normal piece of clothing for a dining table but actually, it contributes to the luxury of your dining space. If you know exactly what you want, Fabuliv has a wide selection of placemat options online.

Suitable Material Choice

The kind of material chosen to make the placemat has a significant impact on its functionality and long-term durability. The best dining table mats are typically made of cotton since they are durable, simple to keep, and easy to clean.

Seeking at Fabuliv is a good idea if you're looking for cotton placemats. Your eating experience will be elevated by our wide selection of 100% cotton placemats with cutlery compartments and fringes.

The Perfect Size

A placemat doesn't need to be a certain size. Size entirely depends on the intended use. Rectangular placemats for dining tables typically have dimensions of 12 inches wide by 18 inches long.

Round placemats typically have a diameter of 15 to 16 inches. Depending on the placemat's shape, the dimensions change. Ensure that the size you choose exactly complements your dinnerware.

Varied Shapes 

Select a shape that offers both great functionality and attractive aesthetics.

The rectangular dining table mat is one of the most common designs. Rectangular shapes are ideal for firmly positioning the dining plate and are suitable for cosy family dinners at home. When you shop online at Fabuliv, you can choose from an extensive selection of styles, designs, and shapes. 

Aesthetic Designs 

The beauty of your dining table can be enhanced by placemat designs. A distinctive placemat collection of 6 designs will add style to your dinner party gathering. Set an exquisite placemat on the dining table, then arrange your chic serving pieces and utensils there. 

A lovely placemat may not only protect the table from spills but also improve the attractiveness of the dining set. The most distinctive selection of placemat patterns may be found at Fabuliv. At Fabuliv, you can pick from a huge selection of handwoven, embroidered, and cutlery pocket designs.

Why Choose Fabuliv for Stylish Placemats? 

Fabuliv has always been known for its unbeatable quality. You can choose the best design and style from an exquisite range of placemats on our website.  Fabuliv will never ask you to compromise your budget, which is why we offer luxurious living at great prices. Anyone can find the highest quality of furniture assured thanks to the broad selection of styles, materials, colours, and combinations that Fabuliv offers. 

When you’re shopping at Fabuliv, it is understandable that you want the most unique designs for your home. Simple placemats with no pockets or fringes can easily be ruined after some time which is why our gorgeous cotton placemats are made with extensive care. Our styles of placemats could easily match all styles of dinnerware and cutlery. Keep your dining table safe from any scratches by using our placemats with stylish cutlery pockets to safely keep your spoons and forks in place. 

Not just that, you could style your placemats with our amazing range of tablecloths and runners to create a cosy dining ambiance. Pair your placemat with crockery and linen napkins and bring fine dining to your home! 

Placemats at Fabuliv to Look For

  • Botanical Hand Embroidered Placemat Set of 6 

  • Lavender Hand Embroidered Table Mat with Cutlery Pocket Set of 4

  • Wheat Striped Placemat with Fringes Set of 6

  • Blue Grid Placemat with Tassels Set of 6

  • Indigo Hand Loomed Table Mat with Border Details Set of 6 

  • Frequently Asked Questions - Tablemats 

  • What are the different types of table mats available online? 
  • You may find placemats of every type in a wide range of materials, forms, sizes, and designs. Cotton placemats are the way to go if you prefer placemats that are simple to keep and can be cleaned up with little effort. Placemats with hand embroidery and weaving provide a more refined appearance.

  • What material and design should I choose for my placemat? 
  • If you have children, it is preferable to use table mats that can be easily cleaned and are sturdy. Table mats made of cotton and jute are durable and simple to maintain. For an aesthetic appeal, you can also use handwoven, embroidered placemats.

  • Should I buy placemats with cutlery pockets? 
  • Placemats with cutlery pockets let you dine in style while your cutlery is stacked in one place. Cutlery pockets safeguard your dining table from any scratches. You could find embroidered placemats with designer cutlery pockets at Fabuliv. 

  • How to Have A Luxury Dining Experience With Table Mats?
  • The ideal table decoration to enhance your eating experience is a table mat. They not only shield the table from stains and scratches but also add a lovely flash of visual appearance. You can match your placemats with contrasting table runners and napkins to further accentuate your table. Alternatively, you might use ceramic flower vases as the centrepieces of your dining table.