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4 Ways to Setup your Home Office for Greater Productivity

23 Nov 2020 0 Comments

2020 has been a year of veritable revolution for people across the globe. One huge demographic has been that of professionals who have had to make the switch from their corporate lifestyle to a work from home setup. India’s IT industry has made 90% of its 4.3 million workforce work remotely since March 2020 due to the Covid-19 imposed lockdown. With the majority of people working from home, it’s time to talk about how to make the most of it. While the work setup has had a major shift, the same cannot be said about the workload itself. It’s time to devise a plan for efficient remote working that promises higher productivity and reduction in fatigue and burnouts.

A few ground rules before we discuss the juice:


The workspace needs to be clutter-free and organized. Eating at the desk not only contributes to mess but also advocates unhealthy habits and lowers productivity.


People who work in bed find it harder to sleep at night because it not only damages the posture but is also known to disturb the sleeping pattern of people by disassociating the usual activity of sleeping with the bed.


Working in slabs or chunks of time is imperative to avoid a burnout and ensure physical activity. People working from home are more exposed to having a sedentary lifestyle and it thus becomes all the more essential for them to engage in a minimal amount of physical activity from time to time.

Let’s now look at four ways to put together the ideal home office:

Office Chair

Starting with a careful analysis of their body-types and needs, one should invest in ergonomic, posture-correcting office chairs since this is the product they will be in close interaction with. An ideal chair will have you not thinking about your posture or discomfort. It should not meddle with your work.

Work Desk

Your desk is the second most crucial part of your home office. Your workspace needs to be organized and sorted well. Knowing where your belongings are and keeping them de-cluttered is necessary to boost efficiency. Investing in a spacious, sturdy work desk will not only keep your belongings organized, but also give you enough space to work and most importantly, think. It’s also a good idea to switch between sitting and standing positions while working to reduce fatigue.

Organization & Storage

Everything, ranging from your devices to stationery to other collateral, should have its place assigned. Make sure to return the same to their specific spots at the end of the day. Keep things in the radius of your reach to not waste any time in unnecessary maneuvers. Organizing your office space not only improves your productivity but also keeps you focused on the task at hand.


Never neglect the importance of lighting in your workspace. If possible, set up the office near a source of natural light. In any case, it is imperative to have artificial lights as well. Desk lamps are usually the best choice for home office setups; pendant lamps may also be put to good use if installed right over the workspace; this also gives way to more space on the desk. Having curtains is also essential to control the unsightly glare that can get reflected on screens. While talking about lighting, it’s also important to touch upon the importance of having adaptive brightness on your devices, especially if your usage of the same is on the heavier side.

With work environments changing dynamically, setting up home offices has become the need of the hour. Luckily enough, furniture and homeware companies like Fabuliv, are ready to deliver the rising demand of these products. Instilling an individual’s sense of style and aesthetics in a home office can not only make it more comfortable to work from but also be conducive to productivity. After all, personalization is the biggest blessing of remote working.

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