You've chosen the perfect furniture for your home soaked in natural beauty, superior craftsmanship, and exceptional comfort.

Accidents happen, and while you can’t prevent them from happening, you can be prepared for them when they do. With Fabuliv you can sit back and relax while the worry-free protection plan takes care of those little accidents in life.

💡 Key Benefits of Our Protection Plan:

  • Revitalize Your Investment:
    • After 3 years of use, opt for our Protection Plan to have your furniture professionally re-finished/re-polished and change of upholstery/Fabric.
    • This service would bring a sense of peace to your mind as we stand by you even after the standard warranty period expires and also cover those little accidents that are not covered under the standard warranty given by any furniture company.
    • Witness your beloved piece transform into a brand-new piece that looks exactly like the one that you bought years ago.

  • Cost-Effective Renewal:
    • For the mere cost of the Protection Plan, experience the joy of having your furniture renewed and polished to its original glory.
    • No need for expensive replacements – just the assurance of everlasting elegance.

  • Extended Lifespan:
    • The Protection Plan not only covers unexpected damages but also breathes new life into your furniture, extending its lifespan indefinitely.

  • Peace of Mind:
    • Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your furniture is not just a one-time purchase but an investment protected and cherished over the years.

How It Works:

  • Step 1 Purchase our Furniture with the Worry-Free Protection Plan: You may opt to purchase our protection plan and avail these services anytime after 3 years of your furniture purchase.

  • Step 2 Opt for Repolishing/ Refinishing or change of upholstery: When ready for a refresh, buy and utilize the Protection Plan to have your furniture professionally re-finished.

  • Step 3 Enjoy Your 'New' Furniture: Experience the happiness of having your furniture look and feel brand new, ready to be enjoyed for years.

🌈 Make Your Purchase an Evergreen Investment:

Choosing our Worry-Free Protection Plan transforms your furniture acquisition into a smart, long-term investment. Embrace the idea of not just buying furniture but investing in a home adorned with enduring elegance.

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Why do I need Worry-Free protection for my Furniture?

Accidents happen! And while you can’t prevent them from happening, you can be prepared for them when they do. The Worry-Free Protection Plan program was designed to keep life’s little accidents from ruining your new furniture investment.

What furniture is covered under this protection?

Worry-free protection plans include coverage for upholstery on dining chairs, and re polish work on solid wood surfaces like dining sets, beds, study tables, cabinets, TV units, and bedside tables. For more details, please see your protection plan document for complete terms and conditions. There is not an insurance plan. Worry-Free is only for orders delivered to a single-family residence. Products used for commercial or rental purposes are NOT covered.

How long does Worry-Free provide coverage?

Coverage extends for five years from the date your furniture is delivered and starts after 3 years from the date of delivery. If you have multiple delivery dates for an order, coverage begins the day of the first delivery. Worry-free plans cannot be extended.

What work is included & excluded in the Worry-Free plan fee?

We would provide complete repolishing and refinishing of wooden surfaces of the categories covered under this plan and change of upholstery for dining chairs only.
Plan fee will include Inspection of the product.
Plan fee will include shipping, packaging, and handling of the product at the time of pickup.
It will also include the labor cost for refinishing and repolishing of the product.
Plan fee will include raw-materials used in repolish and refinish work.
Plan fee will also include packaging and shipping of the product after completion of the work.
Plan fee will include the labour cost involved in the change of upholstery work of the product.
Upholstery fabric or foam will not be included in this fee. You will have to pay for that separately if you want to change the fabric or foam.
If you wish to change the wood finish of your product to new colour/finish that may cost extra depending upon the work involved, we will inform you about this cost at the time of inspection.

Is the Fabuliv warranty still in effect for furniture covered by the Worry-Free protection plan?
Yes. Your Fabuliv warranty covers manufacturer defects. Your Worry-Free protection plan covers repolishing and refinishing after 3 years on covered items.

Please see our Terms and Conditions for details.