Millions of skilled Artisans cannot work from home. The crippling effect of the Pandemic has harshly slapped the lives of these Artisans who once created wealth for this nation. Estimates show that handicraft export orders worth Rs12000/- crores have been either cancelled or put on halt, forcing these Artisans to stay at home without any source of income. An Artisan when creates a product with his nimble hands, he pours his heart into that product. Unemployment crawling all across, these Artisans look at us with pleading eyes to support them today more than ever, as when things will come back to normal these keepers of craft will again be an integral part of this country’s economy. Your help has never been more essential.

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Together, we build a strong Nation

Fabuliv believes that fighting national poverty means addressing its root causes and finding solutions. Every Village in India has its own distinct craft. A whole lot of it has died due to lack of patronage, but still there are thousands of distinct crafts that still exist in our country and have brought global attention for the same. This is one of our concerns that these craft forms must be preserved, because it took over thousands of years to come up with such a vast variety of creativity. Thus helping these Artisans survive in these stressful times would lay the seed for a happy and culturally rich country to be celebrated by generations to come. Every penny that comes for this cause is celebrated and contributes for a bigger cause.


In this ecosystem we all feel the same thrust forced upon us by Novel coronavirus, which has put the global economy on hold and forced us to think back of our roots. It reminds us of Vedas, which described how all sects living on this planet are interdependent, and extinction of smallest of all creatures affects the balance as a whole. We as Indians can stand together to break the cycle of Poverty and ignite the lives of these Artisans by doing our bit. Joining us in this movement is as simple as making a donation, buying a gift card for future purchase or buying handmade products from Fabuliv. We would donate 25% of the profit earned through your purchase to support the Indian Artisans. By providing as little as Rs100/- you can be a part of an effort to supply food, medical assistance, and help families rebuild their lives and communities.


Few Of Those Thankful Souls Affected By Your Contribution

How Your Contributions Are Being Used

Feeding Families

We’re distributing essential food items that can support a family for at least two weeks. Food supplies like rice, pulses, and more are being distributed through our team of volunteers who are strictly following all necessary measures and guidelines as directed by state governments.

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Free Medical assistance

We’re providing medicines and the much-needed financial support for Artisans and their families during medical emergencies, COVID-19 or otherwise. Keeping them healthy and safe is our main concern and your support helps us even better.

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Personal Hygiene kits

We’re distributing Masks, Sanitisers, Liquid hand wash, sanitary napkins and a flyer to educate them best hygiene and social distancing practices to be followed during these stressed times.

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Creating Work Opportunities

We would try creating an ecosystem with work opportunities for these Artisans allowing them to work from their own villages as their work is not dependant on machines. This would certainly be the best support provided for them to live with dignity. This can only be achieved with your extended support.

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