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Our Factory and warehouses are deep cleaned and sanitised at frequent intervals with even more emphasis on frequently touched surfaces. We have reinforced best hygiene practices like frequent hand wash and use of masks and sanitisers and have educated all our employees with regular communication and reminders.

Store Service

Health Monitoring

We are doing mandatory Temperature checks and use of sanitisers at all entry points for all employees and visitors. We are also monitoring health of all our employees as per medical guidelines. Strict protocols as guided by the government are being followed and if anyone is found showing symptoms he is immediately asked to stay home and see a Doctor.

Store Service

Social Distancing

Employees across all our facilities are instructed to maintain a minimum distance of 2 metres as directed by the government. Pantry Floors have been marked to maintain social distancing during lunch hours. Staggered Lunch hours are being followed to avoid group gathering during meals

Store Service

Safe Delivery

We are working with FEDEX world's no. 1 shipping company which adheres to international standards as directed by WHO. Some of the best practices followed by them include:
1. Fumigation and Deep Sanitisation of vehicles at regular intervals and even more at the time of loading and unloading.
2. They have reinforced certain mandatory hygiene practises like frequent washing of hands , use of mask and sanitisers for all their employees and regularly communicate the same via frequent reminders.
3. In-home assembly and installation services have been temporarily paused until further notice to protect the health and safety of our customers, our team and our logistic partners.

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