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Buna aims to recapture a new way of life - one that is rooted in culture, craft and community. Buna stands at an interesting intersection of local and global, traditional and innovative, classic and contemporary.

We believe in looking back while moving forward. Buna is about slow living with sustainability at its heart. For us the process is as important as the product. Our story is a collective narrative of all the makers whose shared efforts culminate in a beautiful legacy.


Khadi is a hand spun, hand woven cotton textile of India with a rich history spanning centuries. It is a versatile, eco friendly fabric with zero carbon foot print. It played a central role in the Indian independence movement, and became a symbol of self reliance.

We at Buna love Khadi, because it reminds us of home and lends our clothes a certain charm and authentic character. Its irregularities and imperfections contain the testimony of its handcrafted origin.

We use high quality, natural raw materials and organic processes to create soft, breathable khadi fabrics. These are then made into fluid, relaxed and...

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